summer update

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I am pleased to say that my short short story Tempera in the Kitchen just got accepted for publication in Shale: Anthology of Short Fiction (Texture Press, US, 2015). It is a story I wrote quite some time ago, before I had kids. That puts it at about 20 or so years old.

In June I contributed a piece to a project from Brick Books in honour of their 40th anniversary. It is a year long project of Celebration of Canadian Poetry hosted on the Brick Books site. Click on the highlighted title to go to the piece. Hope you browse around at some of the other entries.

A few other things that came out in the mean time:

The latest issue of Prism international, 53.3, 2015 published three new poems. Thank you to the editors for selecting these.

  • autobiography of grief 1
  • autobiography of grief 2
  • what remains

I have two poems in the Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia (Leaf Press, 2015). This anthology came out just in time for the 5th Cascadia Gathering in Nanaimo.

  • intimate harbours
  • the salt of being

Last month the debut issue of a new journal came out. Cede Poetry. It was started here by a local poet and I am happy to have a very new poem in it:

  • waking up with you
  • To view and purchase ($3.00) the inaugural issue click here and scroll down until you see it. Or click on purchase and it will take you to it.

    And forthcoming in August is:

  • speaking refuge
  • methodology II
  • in Room Magazine, 38.3, 2015.

Things to look forward to:
I will be giving a workshop at Word, Vancouver in September and likely reading for Room at their tent. More information on that as it becomes available. Stay tuned.

every month is poetry month

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April is poetry month. But so far for me this year it has been one poetry month after another. Even before poetry month was here I spent two and a half intense months of reading poetry as one of the judges for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize ( BC Book Prizes). Here are the 2015 nominees and winners. Last night was the gala and the awards ceremony, which I was pleased to attend. Congratulations to all the winners and all who were nominated. You are all winners to get this far.

Prism Magazine just came out with its spring issue and I have three poems featured in it.

A few days ago I heard from Room Magazine that they will be publishing two of my poems in their Trespass Issue due out in August.

Also this month was Wild About Vancouver Outdoor Educational Festival for which poet laureate Rachel Rose was commissioned to write a poem. Click here to read Song Dogs. She reminded me that I gave one of my poems to be used in the promo video for Wild About Vancouver. You can watch the youtube video here (1:32 min. long).

Also in April we saw the debut issue of Absinthe Poetry Review (US) in which I was happy to see the collaborated poem between myself and Matea Kulić published. Here you can read
you could be the one who knocks. Just scroll down to find it, and maybe you will be tempted to read some of the poems on the way.

Also Cede Poetry will be launching their debut issue sometime soon and I have a brand new poem in it called waking up with you. I wish both Absinthe Poetry Review and Cede Poetry a long and poetically vibrant life.

Coming up in May is the Make It True: Poetry From Cascadia (Leaf Press, 2015) in which I will have two poems: intimate harbours and the salt of being.

Another anthology that is expected to come out this year is Alone Together. It comes out of the Lunch Poems Reading Series. This is part of SFU public Square and The Writer’s Studio.

And, last but not least, a beautiful project that was launched by the publisher of Brick Books (in celebration of their 40th anniversary) called Celebration of Canadian Poetry is well on its way. There are many entries to browse through. Seventeen weeks so far and a few entries are going up each week. This initiative is all about poets writing about poems, poets,and books which they love, celebrate, cherish. I have a piece coming out in the first half of June.

So Happy Poetry Month indeed. Sometimes it does not seem like all this work of a poet amounts to much but in moments like this when I have the time to highlight a few things I find that so much is going on on the poetry front that there is no time to lament or despair. Poetry is well and alive and thriving, despite the rumours.

absinthe poetry review

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The latest collaborated poem just came out in the debut issue of The Absinthe Poetry Review. I am pleased to see this work finding more and more homes. This one I wrote in collaboration with Matea Kulić. Here you can click on the name of the poem and it will take you to the issue. Scroll down till you get to our piece. Of course read some or all of the other pieces on the way there.

I have some new work coming out in the second issue as well. I will be the Green Hour Feature for that one with the following pieces.

  • afloat (on the emotion of bodies
  • self-portraits
  • (7 fragments)

    forthcoming in Absinthe Poetry Review (US), Issue 2, 2015.

I hope you have a chance to check it out and perhaps even submit something for the future issues of the journal. Happy Poetry Month to all.

pleasanton and ukiah

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The trip to Ukiah and Pleasanton (California) was great.
We did two readings and were invited to present to a creative writing high school class in Ukiah.
Here is a glimpse of the reading in Ukiah. We read in an art gallery which at the time also had an exhibit of clocks.
Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.18.08 AM

Here I am in the backyard of the house we stayed in. Getting ready for the reading in the quiet and warm of the afternoon. I could only hear ravens call, and the cats would lie on any book or pieces of paper that we put down.
Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.13.08 AM

In between we had a lovely time with friends. I travelled with my good friend, Bonnie Nish, who has lived in the area. It was an exciting time walking backwards down memory lane for her.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.12.49 AM

We were treated to a visit to Vichy Hot Springs Resort where we soaked in stone tubs in the mineral water which turned all out silver jewelry golden. The hospitality was warm and deep.

On the way to Pleasanton I spent one night on a boat. The next day had a chance to swim in the ocean for an hour. We ended up swimming against the tide both ways, because the tide turned with us as we turned around to come back.

The reading in Pleasanton went very well. Here is a snapshot. The colour coordination is surprising.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 9.53.01 AM

Here is a shot with our hosts in front of the History Museum in Pleasanton on the last day of our visit.
Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.18.47 AM

Thank you to all who fed us, put us up, treated us, loved us and supported us. Jabez, Tanya, Fred, and Cathe, thank you. Thank you to all who bought books and for the gifts we received. Thank you.
[Photos: most are courtesy of Bonnie Nish]

2 readings in the San Francisco area

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I will be doing a few readings in the San Francisco area at the end of the month. This will be my first time reading in the area. Hope you can come and say hello.

  • Thursday, March 26th, 7pm, in Ukiah
  • Writers Read Reading Series,
    @ Art Centre Ukiah, 201 South State Street,
    Corner of Church Street.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.33.24 PM


  • Saturday, March 28th, 2015, 6-9pm
    @ Pleasanton at Towne Center Books,
    555 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA.
    From the press release:
    For those of you who never had the pleasure of seeing the Northern Lights, we bring south for you O Canada, Bonnie Nish and Daniela Elza, and from the California north, Jabez W. Churchill; and for those of you who swoon to the Green Flash of the western sun, we shine the magic light of Clara Hsu
    Hosted by Fred Norman

Prism international

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I am delighted to say that I will have three poems coming out in the upcoming issue of Prism.

  • autobiography of grief 1
  • autobiography of grief 2
  • what remains
  • forthcoming in Prism international, 53.3, 2015.

Thank you to the editor/s for selecting these poems. This is going to be a first. And, oh, how I love beginnings.

8th Mission Writers and Readers Festival

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I loved being at the 7th Mission Writers and Readers Festival last year as the 2014 Writer in Residence at UFV. I gave the keynote (my first one) and did a workshop. It was also lovely to sit in on some of the other workshops.

This year there is a wonderful line up again. Evelyn Lau, Lois Peterson, Emily Pohl-Weary, Chris Gilpin, and John Carroll, and myself will be giving workshops at the 8th Mission Writers and Readers Festival. This will be on March 7th between 10am and 4pm at the Heritage Park Centre, Mission. Emily Pohl-Weary will be giving the keynote as the current Writer-in-Residence at UFV.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.44.08 AM

Hope you can make it to some of these workshops.
My workshop is called

  • Having Fun with Rejections
  • I have never given it before. So it will be fun to put together and invite you to walk this walk with me.

    For the whole day: $40 for adults, $20 for students (includes coffee breaks and lunch).
    Check out the other workshops, descriptions, presenters, schedule of events and more,

    filling Station

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    Delighted to hear that filling Station will be publishing a collaborated poem written between myself and Jason Sunder. The poem is titled untilted.

    I had some work previously included in filling Station (issue #57) which showcased experimental writing by women.

    Thank you to the editors for including this poem in their collaborative issue. The poem is likely to come out in issue #61.

    And there was also one rejection that came in today. It was a fun rejection, with a sense a humour.So that was good as far as rejections are concerned.

    happy (still so) new 2015

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    The old year left and the new one arrived. Yes, I was keeping an eye on all that, but I was also busy with a number of things that were pre-occupying me with such delight that all I feared I would feel at the end of the outgoing year was overshadowed by this delight.

    Which is a wonderful change from the emotional landscape of the rest of 2014. There are a few new things in my life that I wished for, including a new job (which I love very much). I have also been reading a surfeit of poetry. And, no, it is not a form of punishment. Well, mostly not.

    It is only now that I am finally coming around to wishing everyone a Happy New Year. The year is still so crisp and so new and has not gathered any dust or grime around the edges. Let’s keep it that way. Let it be new till the end.

    Happy New Year! (You get one exclamation mark, so you know this is significant. I do not use them lightly. In fact, I do not use them at all.)

    A few things I wanted to share that came in during this pause in posts.

    Pedestal Magazine (US), December 2014, published eros/ions (3 fragments). (You can read the poem by clicking on the title.)

    I am thrilled that Crannóg Magazine (in Ireland) will be publishing speeding steel in their Issue 38, Spring 2015.

    And some work will be appearing in the debut and issue 2 of The Absinthe Poetry Review (US), 2015. Namely, afloat (on the emotion of bodies, you could be the one who knocks (a collaborated poem between Matea Kulić and Daniela Elza) and 7 fragments from my self-portraits series.

    Also this past year I ran out of the first print run of the book of It. Thank you to all who purchased it. To all of you who loved it enough to write back and tell me about it. It is available in both electronic versions and in a print on demand version and if you want get yourself a copy you can find it here. The Kindle edition, here.

    I found this comment on the book by a Kindle customer on Amazon:

    At first, I puzzled over the spacing, but then I slipped into the spacing and started recalling some of my favorite childhood memories. The world was more alive then, dew on wet feet, carrots fresh from the ground with the earth still clinging, late night questions my brother and I pondered before sleep took over. The childhood wonder of being 3, 4 and 5 again that Daniela Elza captured and returned to me. And then returned me to age 68, where I was pondering philosophy, physics and the current world. I read this right after finishing “Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn,” by Amanda Gefter. What a perfect transition. And then, of course, I had to go fix dinner; both worlds would have to wait.

    This is also a good time to express my gratitude to everyone who made 2014 what it was,
    to you who will partake of the next year,
    to my family,
    my publishers,
    to my editors,
    fellow writers,
    and all of you readers who have sat with my words, who have dreamed on them, who have been inspired.

    To you who bridge the gaps: Let 2015 be another delightful leap into the unknown.
    And hope we can face it all with love, compassion and grace.

    winter canvases

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    It is the eve of New Year’s eve. And what a year it has been. So much has happened. So much is behind me. There was joy and there was grief and all sorts of colours and shades in between.

    And yet, the last two weeks of this year have been filled with blessings.


    The Winter Solstice marks an important time of the year for me. The light is beginning to grow. I can celebrate light. Nothing to worry about there. I can celebrate light with a clear conscience. No compromises need to be made.


    So I watch the sun paint its canvases on the walls of my house. New canvases each day. Places I would never have thought to put a canvas in, canvases between canvases. Just like you never know where a door would open, where a window will form and where a new threshold might offer itself for the crossing.
    Fluid canvases, they move like water, winter water in the bed of a river, light on the walls, in the mouth and grip of life. Listen carefully, watch as they enter your eye. Be prepared to enter each as if for the first time. And each day anew.