inaugural issue poem

Posted by Daniela Elza on May 12 2021 | Comment now »

The Spotlong Review accepted my poem moving the linguistic furniture around  (in a city of unreal estate for their inaugural issue due out this summer. It is in a series of poems that investigate the ways we are in the city and with language. It is always exciting to be contributing to the first issue of a new journal or magazine.

Geographies of Justice

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My essay Children of the Trees is up now in the Geographies of Justice issue of About Place Journal (Black Earth Institute). There are essays, photo essays, poetry etc.

Children of the Trees engages with language, naming, chopping trees, disappearing words, and what might be a better stance to engage with living beings. It has been brewing for a long time. If you get a chance to give it a read, I would love hear from you.

The call for saving old growth trees and forests is growing in British Columbia. The movement is growing to stop stealing from future generations.

my little pandemic bookstore

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Happy Poetry Month. Welcome to my very little pandemic bookstore open for Poetry Month.
Here are some titles. Do let me know in the messages if you want any or few and I will mail to you.

the broken boat (2020, 110 pages) $19.95 + $3.35 shipping in Canada
currently has free shipping if you buy from the publishers website.
slow erosions (2020, 24 pages) $10 + postage $2 in Canada.
for more info and sampling click here to the publisher’s website
I have 9 copies left #55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66
milk tooth bane bone (2013, 108 pages) $17 + $4 postage in Canada.
for more info + blurbs go to Leaf Press website.
I have the last 12 copies of the print run left.
the weight of dew (2012, 112 pages) $19:95 + postage
for more information + free shipping from publisher’s website
I have the last 6 copies of the print run left
the book of it (2011, 116 pages) copies at $10 + postage
click here for print on demand, ebook, or pdf
I have 6 print copies left at this price
Crow Morphologies (2018, Audio or CD) $10 + postage
poems come from milk tooth bane bone
soundscapes by Soressa Gardner
for more information, to listen, purchase or download click here.

Do let me know if you want two or more of the titles I will give you a poetry month deal and/or send you a gift.

Wishing you all a lot more poetry in your life this new 2021, may we all live more poetic lives.

The Week

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Two days after my How Making Yogurt Keeps my Hope Alive got published on Motherwell, The Week featured it. It was a new feeling and a new experience. Only now, a month later, did things slow down enough for me to feel it. 🙂

children of the trees

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About Place Journal (a literary journal published by the Black Earth Institute dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society) will publish my Children of the Trees essay in their upcoming issue Geographies of Justice.

Thank you to the editor Alexis Lathem and assistant editors Richard Cambridge & Charles Coe for picking this piece and giving it some love.

Vancouver’s Amnesia

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I wrote this piece, after sending my own letter and survey to Council, City, and Mayor. Thank you to the editors of The Tyee for making space for it and for helping with the editing.

Yet Another Housing Survey, for a City That Seems to Love Them

There are a number of linked in articles and pieces that can help with background to this and I base the survey on

Canada’s Dual Housing Policy: Assisting Owners, Neglecting Renters by J. David Hulchanski, Centre of Urban Studies Research Bulletin # 38, September 2007.

Give it a read if you have time.

Thank you to all the people who are working overtime on volunteer hours to build a future vision for the re-visioning of the area in keeping with the original vision. 🙂 I know! I used vision this many times since it feels like my city is lacking one.

yogurt and hope

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A while back I took the challenge with a friend writer to write about yogurt. I taught her how to make her own as well. I had no idea what would come out of it –
Here it is.
How making yogurt keeps my hope alive

Motherwell loved it so much, they published it.

Do let me know your thoughts. I was surprised how much I managed to link in these 1200 words.

I-Read-Canadian Day

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Feb. 17th is I-Read-Canadian-Day. Support this initiative if you can.

I have a few copies left of my pandemic publications the broken boat (only 4 copies left) and about a dozen of the slow erosions chapbook written between myself and Arlene Ang. Here is a little micro review of the chapbook.

Let me know if you want a copy of one of both:
$19.95 + $3:35 shipping for the broken boat.
Sale on the chapbook @ $10 + $2 for shipping in Canada.

Free shipping from the publisher for the broken boat if you get it directly from the website.
Here is one review of the broken boat published in the Ormsby Review. Here is another review of the broken boat published by The League of Canadian Poets. And here are a few poems from it on Poetry Pause.

Happy Reading!

turning the kaleidoscope

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First acceptance of the year is a dear-to-me essay about my childhood in Nigeria, which gave me a really hard time as to what it wanted to be. Just the way a child would.
turning the kaleidoscope will be published by GRAIN Magazine, Issue 48.3, Spring 2021.

A delight to work with Grain Associate Editor Lisa Bird-Wilson on this piece. Thank you for giving this piece a home in your journal.

slow erosions premiers today on youtube

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The inaugural Collusion Books season with live premiere of videopoetic performances in 25 minutes you can watch the premier of the three chapbooks. This will be a streaming event you can attend or one you can stream later.

First chapbook and first launch YouTube style.

Today’s premier launch of slow erosions chapbook will be on YouTube, between 3 -4pm PST/6-7pmEST. Link to event today:

6pm EST / 3pm PST.
“A Trip to the Zzoo”MA|DE (Mark Laliberte x Jade Wallace)
“Sprawl | the time it took us to forget”Manahil Bandukwala x Conyer Clayton
“slow erosions”Arlene Ang x Daniela Elza