another longlist

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 25 2022 | Comment now »

My essay He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: In the Murky Waters of Online Dating has been long-listed for the Creative Non-Fiction contest of the BC Federation of Writers. It is nice to see this piece getting some love. It is itself a humorous take of a  journey of finding and figuring out love.


book review of Cornelia Hoogland’s chapbook

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It has been a while since I have written a book review and thought this fall  I will do a few. Here is the first one up on the British Columbia Review (previously known as the Ormsby Review).  It looks at Cornelia Hoogland’s chapbook

Dressed in Only a Cardigan, She Picks up Her Tracks in the Snow


Click on the title to read it.

*to be or not to be: a recipe*

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My poem to be or not to be: a recipe   received an Honourable Mention in the Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest 2022.  All the winning poems and Honourable Mention poems are published in Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Anthology 2022, a chapbook.


*split ends*

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Tickled to see my poem split ends won the 1st Honourable Mention spot in the Oregon Poetry Society Contest on the theme of The Moon.

Judges’ comments truly capture it:

“split ends” constructs a series of surreal, decentering images stitching together, in ways imagined rather than prescribed, the loose fabric of human existence. As in reality, in the poem our lives are comprised of fragmentary impressions that elude chronology and hover in the forefront of memory without aligning.”

Thank you to the judge who gave it some love. It has been around for a while staring longingly at the moon. You can read the winning entries here. split ends will be published in Verseweavers (early 2023).

play across genres

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I am facilitating this workshop with my colleague Hanako Masutani. It is part of the Community Workshop series at The Writers Studio at SFU. There are still some spots left. Sing up here:

TWS Community Workshops: Multi-Genre Writing Kickstarter

Can’t decide whether your creative writing idea would be best as a poem, memoir, essay, or short story? In this course, you won’t have to decide. Roll up your sleeves and play with multiple genres in this 2.5-hour appetizer of cross genre fun! You will learn some of the conventions of different genres and celebrate your writing discoveries and successes.

 Instructors: Daniela Elza and Hanako Masutani

Let me know if you have any questions.

on precarious work that matters

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One of my essays is long listed for the Susan Crean Award for Non-fiction. The current title is: What Do You Do Again?: On Labour of Love and Other Work That Matters

The topic of work and labour is a scary one for some of us precariously employed writers. Perfect topic for Halloween.

Hopefully this essay will find its home soon and have a roof over its head. 


be a link, not a fragment

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My latest piece is now out in the Queen’s Quarterly, Fall 2022 Vol. 129 No. 3.

Be a Link, Not a Fragment is a memoir piece that tries to make sense of the war stories that circled around the dinner tables in my family. Three or more generations affected by war.

If you get a chance to read it, would love your thoughts.

in person launch of “slow erosions”

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Finally, I will get to launch this little book in person.

Here are more of the details.

I will also read from another chapbook – emblem of minutes – which is a collaboration between music and a number of poets, and was handmade by Kevin Spenst, who is also organizing this event. Thank you, Kevin.


send in your chapbooks

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I will be one of the judges for the 2023 Raven Chapbooks Contest.

For submission details and instructions visit the website.

poetry in canada project

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A group of people are working hard on the Poetry in Canada Project. Check it out. Poems, bios, and Poetics Statements. by Canadian authors. A bookshelf of treasures.

Here is my contribution of three poems (one each from three of my books), a poetics statement, and bio. 

Photo credit for my photo on the website goes to Robin Susanto.