sharing some news

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 18 2007

Friday I got a copy of the latest issue of Contemporary Verse 2 (Volume 29, issue 3) in which I was pleased to see the three poems that were accepted (I see it is not up yet). I also liked what the editor had to say about them in the editor notes.

On Saturday I got the copies of the Arabesque Review where two of my poems were selected for the War and Poetry issue. I discovered only one of them ended up in the print version while both are up on the website. Oh, and the print version has only half of my bio (it is a mystery how these things work sometimes). So there is a bit of an update for those who are waiting for such news. Quite exciting on some level, considering the effort and labour that goes year round into it, and the time it takes to get something out there.

It is still not too late to sign up for The Annual 2-Day Poem Contest at CV2. Ten words, ten bucks, and two days to craft the best poem you can. I go for this kind of stuff, it puts me in a different writing space (the given words, the time constraint), and I find I surprise myself in a different-er way than usual. That does make sense, right?

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