mutating the signature

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 13 2009

My mutating the signature marathon has come to a bit of a close. A bit, because it is not something I will stop doing. In fact it has opened a new world of creating a poem, which I find quite luring. There are two more days before the deadline on the 15th for those enthusiasts out there.

Here is one of the eight poems I co-wrote with different people. This one was inspired by the call for submissions for the Monday poem from Leaf Press. They only asked for a couplet which did not rhyme, and had snow in it without saying the word snow for their traditional first-Monday-of-the-year co-operative poem. I am not sure if the instructions were not from the onset clear, or because I was already steeped in a collaborative spirit of mutating the signature, that I misread their co-operative poem idea as collaborative poem. So Christina and I launched into a poem of couplets each of which had snow in it without snow. You can read what came out of the call for those who got the instructions right, here: Snow.

I would like to thank Leaf Press for not breaking our poem up, but instead offereing to publish the poem in its entirety on the second Monday of the year. Here it is: drifting morphlogies.

It seems like a long time now since the fluffy, fun, and on some days quite hazardous snow piled here in Vancouver, waist high. Today there are black mounds (of what does not look like snow) along the roads. Something hardened, dirtied, unwanted, like an overused, word. You want to poke at it, to see what is hidden beneath.

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