my guy is balding for dollars

Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 12 2009

My awesome guy, at Livingcode is shaving his head for Valentine’s day. This is the guy with many winds in his hair, the one with you-cannot-believe-how-the-sun-shines-on-his-hair hair. So yes, I admit I am ambivalent about it, yet it makes me look forward to Valentine’s day even in my ambivalence, considering the good cause he is doing it for. He is doing a fundraiser for Balding for Dollars and is donating his pony tail to Locks of Love (they make wigs for kids who lose their hair due to medical conditions). With Valentine’s day approaching it is again that sinking christmas feeling where stores and windows and merchandise drive your thoughts in the dead ends of materialism and if we only had this chocolate or that bra we will be happy. Now I have something else to look forward to, and I love him for that, despite me trying to talk him out of it.

By the way, he had this idea to make one of those hair commercials, where the hair drops, shakes, and he turns around to face the camera, beard and all. We, and he especially, have been so crazy busy with work and keeping up with the kids that we never quite got around to it.

Go check out his before photo, and, please if you can, support the cause. All the money go to Children’s Hospital to support children and families affected by cancer and blood disorders and the hair goes for making wigs for kids.

There is no talking him out of it. Coincidentally, on Saturday evening (when he will already be bald) we are going to the Chicken and Egg Dance in support of local farmers.

Come back on Monday to see his after photo. He has already raised $300 and his goal is a $1000. Thanks again for your support.

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