mutating: take 2

Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 26 2009

My second collaboration that was accepted for Mutating the Signature is up on qarrtsiluni website. This one I did with Dethe and the title is blood_alley://

Hope you enjoy it. I surely did, writing it. Dethe and I are thinking of collaborating again. Just waiting for that spark, which I think we had the other day, and now I wished I had written it down. These things we do not remember must be the perfect memories, they remain in the moment, you are left with the taste, the feeling, but not the words, or the actual. . . .memory that warps and changes over time, with every remembering. There is scientific backing to these claims. Honest. And it is as real as. . . this memory I am trying to recall.

But since memory fails lets get back to the present moment: I think now I can say we are “officially” married in poetry as well, Dethe and I. With this first publication between the two of us. Our credits: two kids, and one poem.

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