the heartbeat of change

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jun 18 2009

dedicated to the people of Iran

the sound of 		thousands
voices chanting 	in the night 		as one

is the sound of hope.           is the sound of prayer.

the clapping of 	thousands of hands
a sea of arms         
		come    to speak as one    

for this day 
                             stuck in the throat.
a silent scream.

light a thousand candles. 
			do not bear to watch

democracy	          burning itself down 
dropping out of         our mourning sky.

the people know. 
		the people know when enough
is enough. 
	and that much a leader should know.

light candles.		 it does not wait for anyone—
the orange death.

with a fist in the sun. 	 green fingers sprout 
in the clouds      of    peace.

			the vigil is not over yet.

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