Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 22 2010

Pedestal Magazine (issue 59) just published the collaborated poem unhinged written between myself and Al Rempel. Hope you enjoy it.

To submit, please read their guidelines, they have a strict schedule of when not to submit (so make sure you read to the bottom of the page). Submission process is electronic and easy (through their website). They are closed for submissions till the 27th of August, and open next between the 28th till September 11th.

Thank you to the editors at Pedestal Magazine.

Also speaking of Al and me, I just heard that excerpts from a poem of mine (interpreting the winds) and a poem of Al’s (Fidelity) in the book 4 poets(Mother Tongue Publishing, 2009) have been selected for the 2010 Poetry in Transit. (The results are now up).

Congratulations, Al.

Not sure when they will actually go up on the buses, but let me know when/if you have a sighting.

3 Responses to “unhinged”

  1. Karyn Says:

    Congratulations! ‘Poetry in Transit’ is wonderful–I’ll look for you ~

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thank you, Karyn.

  3. Maya Borhani Says:

    RE: earlier message today: it’s actually “interpreting the wind” (excerpt) that I’m looking for ~ I saw it on the bus when i first came to Vancouver for school, recognized your name!, and am now working it (the experience of seeing/reading it) into an a/r/tography project about my transition to town…through poetry….
    CAN’T find where i’m sure i jotted down the excerpt for future reference, whose moment has arrived. Hoping you can help with text of the excerpt????? though you’re busy with your editing and writing. Much appreciation if it’s do-able, and with THANKS,