Happy Holidays

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 22 2010

Best wishes to all this holiday season.
Wishing you a year full of delight.
May it be happy. May it be peaceful. May it be full of special moments with special people.
And, of course, all the joys writing can bring.

The winter scene below was designed by my 10 year old son. I am so proud of him, and all that he has learned to do in designing characters, animations, and games this year.

I am also immensely proud of my daughter, but she is drawing other things at 14. I wish her all the best with the completion of her novel in the new year.

Also a BIG thank you to my husband who is always on stand-by helping me with technological aspects of my work as well as a wonderful person to collaborate with. We are currently working on my next book which will be an eBook we will be publishing after the holidays, or early in the new year. So keep an eye out for The Book of It.

Winter scene image by Azlen Elza. Created in Vector Designer and Game Salad.
Snow effect script by Scott Schiller.

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