video poem, finally

Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 04 2011

A number of you have been asking to see the video poem in earth dreams that was part of the Visible Verse Festival this year. We finally managed to get it up on Vimeo. Here you can view it.

In Earth Dreams from Daniela Elza on Vimeo.

Here it is on Dave Bonta’s site Moving Poems which is quite an aggregate of varieties/categories of moving poems.
Also here is the call for submissions for the Visible Verse 2011. Deadline is September 1st. Which means you still have plenty of time to whip something up and submit.

Thanks Dethe for your work on this project, it has been great working together. And a very Happy Birthday to you. May there be many more years of collaborations.

2 Responses to “video poem, finally”

  1. Karyn Eisler Says:

    I remember seeing this at the Visible Verse Festival–in a theater setting on a very large screen. So interesting to also see it here on your blog, up close, from my office at home. Two different experiences, contexts, impressions. So wonderful to have the opportunity to witness your work in these very different ways!

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    I agree they are very different experiences. When the voice and the image fill the room it has a lot more impact on me. It is so much bigger than me. I almost forget I am the one speaking. :-)

    Was so good to see you at the festival. Karyn, we met face to face in the twilight of a move theatre.