the book of It

Posted by Daniela Elza on Apr 06 2011

Things do tend to converge.
We finally gave the book of it a push and it should be available for the Kindle within 24 hours. An exciting new beginning with ebooks. Coming soon to the Apple iBookstore near you.

I thank my son for the cover. And of course Dethe for all the research into ebooks and help with editing.

THE BOOK OF IT you ask? What is it about?

Nothing can really prepare us for what is about to be experienced. In the case of creativity and imagination nothing really should. So what is a description to do?

This book is about that which cannot be named, but can be pervasive in our lives (if we let it). It dwells in the spaces that call us to attention, to an embodied awareness of the poetry that is our lives. It is about words and the places they take us. It is about the paradox of naming. It is a metaphor. It is also about school. It is about being and becoming in the inconclusive manuscript of life. It is about creativity and the alchemy of the imagination. It is about knowing, and perhaps how we know more than we know we know. It is about the contemplative mind that wants more.

Ok, now it is your turn to tell me what it is about.

6 Responses to “the book of It”

  1. Nicole T. Says:

    I would like to know what IT is about but I know less than you know because I don’t know kindle, iphone, or ipad…

    What are non-knowers about such things to do if they want to know what it is that is or for that matter isn’t in the book of IT???

    It isn’t yet clear… But the cover of IT is fantastic…

    Great congratulations to the collective effort of your family for such a creative, technological, puzzle.

    I’m impressed.

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Great question, Nicole. Thanks.
    I have already been asked by a number of people if it is available in book form, or other forms for those who do not have the said kindle, or iphone, or ipad.

    If you go to the link:
    on the right hand side it says “Available on your Mac”, (just above the “give as a gift” button. You can install the application for free on your Mac (that is, if you are a Mac gal).

    When we get our ISBN number, (and when I am done with thesis defence) we will also look into “print on demand” options. And other possibilities/options available. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your interest.

  3. Karyn Says:

    Love Love Love > the cover!

    Congratulations ~


  4. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks Karyn,
    I love it too. I had that piece on my wall for a while before it struck me one day it will be the perfect cover for this little affair with IT.

  5. Christina S. Says:

    Beautiful, Daniela!

    ‘It’ looks great. I’ve enjoyed sharing it with friends. It is in effable, yet you’ve said it. What a fun, free-flowing trip it was to read it for the first time on my smartphone!

  6. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks Christina,

    So good to hear. And thank you for the photo of your smart phone with the book. It is now up on the page I am dedicating to It. Here’s the link: