more views of “the book of It”

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 08 2011

The book of It has been here for a few days, and It is already venturing out into the world. I found it today under the fig tree sapling on my porch, which a neighbour gifted me after I stopped to admire her two year old fig tree on the roof deck with two figs growing in it. (It pays to admire another’s figs).

Here is another view of It from freelance writer and editor Christina Shah:

‘It’ is that window, that urgent bright day which reminds us of the possibilties that call us, if only we’re willing to step out from our four walls. Each page of ‘It’ is a dynamic meditation, a burning juxtaposition, a study in inner tension. ‘It’ is brave– Elza gently takes the reader’s hand, and, with her trademark sense of humour asks the critical questions in a compassionate, high-spirited way. The result is the reigniting of that fundamental spark of wonder that exists within all of us. Elza is both teacher and student in this beautiful epistemological exploration.

Thank you, Christina for taking part in It and being part of It. Thank you for sending this along.

If you live with It you will also find how mischievous It can be. Next thing I know, It is in the lavender between the two little pine trees we have been growing from seed. My son brought them home from kindergarten. He will be going into grade six this September. Another way to measure time. A way to slow down time. A way to forget to measure. And the book of It has already befriended these two survivors and is not coming in, even as it begins to rain.

3 Responses to “more views of “the book of It””

  1. Al Says:

    Hi Daniela — my copy arrived today. It looks beautiful, inside and out — I like how it found a home in print. It was good to reread it, this time between thumb and index. Thanks so much.

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Great, Al.
    I love such arrivals.
    Now you keep a good eye on it. :-)

  3. Phil Menger Says:

    The size of your Book of It reminds me of the little pocket books of poetry published by City Lights. Things like Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara. Or the black pocket books of Ginsy baby. Back pocket portable. Stuck in a lineup at the store? Whip out “It” well so to speak. Ha! I look forward to getting my copy soon despite being late to the party.