Poetry Is/As/In/For Inquiry

Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 13 2012

A friend told me she saw a piece about me in the SFU student newspaper The Peak. In a very unlike me fashion, I googled the newspaper and my name and found this. Thank you, Monica Miller and thank you SFU for my profile on your website as well. I have to admit- finally the medal is beginning to sink in. That is a good thing, right?

Another bit of news is I finally received my contributors copy of The Art of Poetic Inquiry which just came out from Backalong Books. The book is edited by Suzanne Thomas, Ardra Cole, and Sheila Stewart and is Volume 5 in the Arts Informed Inquiry Series. After weeks of hearing my fellow poetic-inquirers across the country talking about their copies, here it is.

The book is a 553 pages compilation of sections relating to Poetry Is/As/In/For Inquiry. The section Poetry As Inquiry begins with Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s Homing and ends with my And Walking is Thinking: On Concrete and Light (pp. 129- 139). It will not be fair to mention some names here and not others. There are a good number of people in this book who I have personally met and it feels so joyful to be with them between the same covers. So check out the book and see for yourself.

The next Poetic Inquiry Symposium will take place in Montreal, Quebec, October 23rd- 2013-26th, 2013. I hope to be there in one capacity or another.

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