the-weight-of-dew kind of day

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 17 2012

Two pieces today on my book the weight of dew.
All the way from Zambia, Rob Taylor in his five christmas ideas #4 picks five poetry books in his CanPo series. the weight of dew is one of them. Read the whole thing here.

“Feeling like I was in dialogue with someone far wiser than myself, but no less welcoming because of it. A poet, yes, but also a philosopher, a traveler, and a parent. I remember at first stumbling over all the spaces and silences in the book, then coming to miss them greatly once I’d moved on to other books.”

You can also check out Rob and Marta’s blog Handkerchief! Handkerchief!with their adventures in Zambia.
Another pleasant surprise was
Jennifer Irvine’s write up on the weight of dew, in the context of featuring at the TWS Reading Series in October. I have not come across this kind of review much where the performer and the writer are both considered and present. Read the whole thing here.

“…My two favourite poems of the evening were In the Arms of Kootenay Lake where “the hands wander over grain of remembered surfaces,” and being “displaced by a purple thistle by a poppy by the sounds of a bee,” and Crumbling through Harmony* where “the quiet will steal your ears.” Daniela’s use of language shows me that good poetry doesn’t have to be filled with overblown imagery.”

* should read Crumbling into Harmony

Thank Rob, and Jennifer. Great to get a glimpse through someone else’s eyes.

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