the ecology of magic

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 23 2013

I have been reading David Abram for a while and the more I read him the more he makes more and more sense. I just read an interview with him and there is so much in there and spoken in simple and clear terms you do not have to wonder if you get it or not.

So many different strands pulled and woven together. Here are just a couple of quotes to whet you appetite.

“The magician is one who frees the senses from the static holding patterns that they are held in by assumptions, by outmoded ways of thinking, and by the styles of speech and discourse.”

“Unless we recognize writing as a form of magic, then we will not take much care with it. It’s only when we recognize how profoundly it has altered our experience of nature and the rest of the sensory world, how profoundly it has altered our senses, that we can begin to use writing responsibly because we see how potent and profound an effect it has.”

Ok, now go read the whole thing. Click here to go there.

I recently finished “Becoming Animal” and I should get back to re-reading “The Spell of the Sensuous.”

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