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Posted by Daniela Elza on May 17 2013

The launch of the book was on election night. No one knew which way the election was going to go. We did not know how many people could make it to the launch either on an election night. Four of my most favourite people could not be there due to being involved with the elections in one way or another. The party I voted for did not win.

On the bright side the Poetry Party won that night. Between 50-60 people came to Rowan’s Roof Restaurant. Many were people who were hearing me read for the first time.

Thank you all for coming to support the launch of Leaf Press’ Spring Poetry collection: Emilia Nielsen’s Surge Narrows, Leanne McIntosh’s Dark Matter and my new baby milk tooth bane bone.
After the event I was sitting at home in the glow, with a glass of wine, a pile of dirty dishes, and gratitude for all your beautiful faces, your support, and love. Jared Burrows thank you for lending your amazing musical improvisations to my words.


For those who could not make it I will have one more reading here in Vancouver. This time at Twisted Poets literary Salon. I will be reading with the wonderful Aislinn Hunter (she is the one on the right with the green dress). Aislinn helped with the final stages of the editing of the book and also wrote the introduction. Here is the information on that reading:

Features poets Aislinn Hunter and Daniela Elza + Open Mic. Thursday, May 23th, 7 – 9:30 pm, at The Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street, Vancouver. Suggested donation at the door: $5. All are welcome.

To purchase copies of the book you can order it through your favourite bookstore.
You can purchase the book from the publisher’s website here. And it will only cost you the price of the book, the publisher pays for the shipping.

Some of you have been asking if I have a recorded reading of my work. As of May 14th the answer is: yes. Here is the audio of reading a selection of poems from the book. Soressa Gardner recorded and edited the tracks. She is also working on a version of each track with soundscapes to accompany the poems. Here is one of the tracks to give you a taste. If you like it support this project by downloading the album, or just your favourite tracks.

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