crow morphologies

Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 03 2013

The video poem crow morphologies went up live on youtube today.
After the book milk tooth bane bone came out Soressa Gardner and I conspired on making an audio version of it. So we proceeded to do a solo taping which is now up on bandcamp. Click here to get to the solo audio.

Since then Soressa has been hard at work applying her music genius and her voice to these poems. We are right now at about track 5 and hoping before the end of the year to have both the solo tracks and the ones with music and vocals available as a CD and available to download.

In the mean time Tara Flynn took on making the visuals and video for track 3 and that now is live and we have submitted it to the Visible Verse contest. Here you can view the video poem.

I would have it embedded here, but lately I am not sure what has changed, WordPress, that what used to be simple now is not.

While I try to figure this out, I will invite you to check these out and let me know what you think.

Thank you Soressa Gardner and Tara Flynn, it has been a delight working with you and your work has grown and enlarged these poems.

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