hello November

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 03 2013

Hello, November. You and I and December have this thing. You cut the days short and I keep counting till the light begins to grow.

Another trip come and gone. The reading at the Residual Reading Series with Lorri Neilsen Glenn and Robyn Sarah at Librarie Drawn and Quarterly, Montréal, went well. Many thanks to Wanda O’Connor who runs the series and who organized the event, and to those who came out to support the event.

The Poetic Inquiry Symposium was intense and full as usual. The location of the symposium was in a gallery which meant we presented, sat, ate, listened, and talked among lots of paintings. Here is most of us who were there. You can click on the photo for a larger view.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.17.19 PM

The place we rented for our accommodations in Montréal coloured the visit with it’s own unique features. I did not realized how close the sleeping quarters were and how we were pretty much in one big room with a loft. How everyone staying in the house could walk through the space. There were times I was dreaming of a door to close.

The reading in Toronto at the Mutual Readings Series went well. I felt welcome and enjoyed hanging out with bill bissett and David Bateman, both of whom are involved in running the Secret Handshake Gallery and the Mutual Reading Series.
I mostly forgot to take photos on this trip except when I had a little time before the reading at the gallery. Here are some photos before the reading of the space. bill bissett was the doorman and his grandson played guitar while we waited. Enjoyed the laughs and the conversations.

The Secret Handshake Gallery, on Mutual Street.

bill bissett’s paintings. The chair with the box for donations is where he will sit to be the doorman later when people start gathering.

Paintings by David Bateman.

David hosting and doing the introductions in front of a bill bissett’s canvas.

Today I awoke to the sun paining windows and bare trees on my walls. It finally came out after a few days of rain rain rain. I am grateful for this break in the rain. I love the rain, but really Vancouver you know how to do rain and stick with it.

Reconnecting with colleagues and friends is always a good feeling for which I am grateful. Making new friends and meeting congenial souls is always a delight.
Much gratitude goes to the number of people who assisted me and who put me up and took care of me. I hope to be able to return the favour and the flavour one day.

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