blumin pop up shop

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 21 2014

Blumin Pop Up Shop is offering a weekend of workshops, readings and art displays.
I will be participating with a workshop on collaborations and a reading at the 8X8 on the evening of the 26th. Check out the other workshops and sign up for the ones that catch your fancy.


To check out the different workshops and sign up for any or all of them go to Blumin Pop Up weekend.

Blumin Pop Up Shop Workshop with Daniela Elza & Soressa Gardner – Working Together: When Artists Collaborate

In this two hour workshop we will talk about collaborations between artists within and across artistic mediums/disciplines. We will share some instances of collaborations we have been involved with. We will also engage in some collaborative activities and invite the process to inform us. Bring your inspiration and your questions.

To sign up for the workshop on collaborations click here.

And here is the line up of readers for the 8X8 reading:


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