summer time

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 18 2014

It has been a wonderfully busy six or seven months. I have been focused more on the turning outward. Now is time to do a bit of turning inwards. Time to focus on some of my own writing, work on my manuscript, do some more submissions. It is going to be a time less busy with events, and more busy with my writing space (which probably will include cleaning my desk and making it useful again), time on my patio, time to catch up on my reading too, and spend time catching up with friends.

I am also getting off FaceBook till September. If you need to contact me please email or call. If you do not have my email or number already, message me here. Thank you for all your participation and conversations here and elsewhere.

Now it is time to do some creative care and take care of my digitally cannibalized brain. Hope you find some time to do that too. Speaking of the influence digital media can have on your brain and, more importantly, on the child’s brain here is a talk I enjoyed on the subject. Also some good thoughts on stress and fear and how they impact learning.

(Sorry cannot seem to figure out how to get the screen to fit in the margins. But since I also like to wander in the margins, I will not worry too much about it.)

It is time for Face to Face conversations to counter the FaceBook effect. It is time for sitting with a book in the late sun. For the beach. For more real world stuff. “The world looks different under trees” (said Annie Dillard, I think?) Yes: more trees, more grass, more walks, swims, yoga, writing and reading. I will slip in some submissions as well, unnoticed. Why not? In the mean time stay out of trouble and mind that Poet Voice.If you are susceptible to it, practice finding your own unique voice, which will bring your work to its full potential, its full life.

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