hello August

Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 06 2014

This is my favourite time of the year. It is the long days, which feel endless. It is the chance to sit on my patio when I can. It is watching the late sun sinking into the water. It is still busy, but with different things which makes it feel less busy. I have been catching up on submissions, and on reading. I have been doing a course on line. Of course, the kids are home and that is already busy. Definitely making time for more yoga as well. And time for all those pesky appointments like dentists, and eye doctor for the kids, and getting new glasses, and yearly check-ups of one kind and another. Even the car wants an appointment. Keeps flashing Service when I start it and showing me a wrench. It thinks that’s the thing for a car to do. So I am taking it in tomorrow, at 8:30am. Don’t let me sleep through that.

One thing I will be part of this month is the Vancouver Pop-Up-Poets. If you are in the area pop by. We will be at Olympic Village between 12 and 2pm on August 10th and will be writing poems for people who stop by and ask for a poem.

The event is hosted by Meharoona Ghani with guest poets Daniela Elza and Joshua Todd.

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On the Spot Poetry!
Vancouver Pop-Up-Poets return on August 10th, noon to 2:00pm.

Your Word! We Write! We Recite! We invite you to request a poem be written on the spot. The poet performs it and gifts it to you.Find us in Olympic Village area, along the seawall heading kinda East towards Science World, close to Creekside Community Centre.

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