four more poems

Posted by Daniela Elza on May 06 2016

I have three poems accepted in the Mental Health Anthology, A Phoenix Longing, which will accompany the Northern Ireland Mental Health Film and Arts Festival.

The three poems that will be included are:

  • I hold you this way
  • through you
  • too long now

I also submitted some amazing poems written by Alex Winstanley, who is sadly no longer with us. I was working with him on his latest manuscript when he passed away. Some of his work will find a home in this anthology as well. Thank you to the editors for their enthusiasm and support.

Another poem that came out in the last few months was one I wrote for poet Kate Braid. The After You project is one where you write a poem after or for another living poet. And it becomes a chain in which each next writer writes for or after another. Here is the one I wrote for Kate:

The invitation came to me from poet Arlene Ang who wrote a poem after me. I was honoured and touched by this gesture. Who would not?
Here is the poem Arlene wrote.

Thank you, Arlene.

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