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Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 16 2017

Last month Prism international accepted my poem life as conceptual art. It is forthcoming in their 56.2 issue. I am thrilled it will find a home there. This will be the longest poem I’ve had published in a journal so far, a total of six pages. Thank you to the Editor Shazia Hafiz. This long poem is part of my unpublished manuscript the ruined pages which is also looking for a home.

In other good news, five previously published poems were accepted for an anthology/collection titled Suffering and the intelligence of Love: In light and darkness This compilation has now found a publisher. My poems will be scattered throughout the book. They are:

  • Plato killed a moth in my dream
  • ode to the critic
  • it: attempts at definition
  • a shoreline to stand on
  • beauty is embarrassing

Of course there were a few rejections too, but not worth mentioning. :-)

Ok, back to the editing and writing.

What have you been up to this dark and rainy November month?

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