*crow morphologies* re-mix

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 24 2018

It has been such a gift and delight to hear the new 2018 re-mix of our crow morphologies CD. The CD first came out in 2013. Soressa Gardner had fun with it again and here it is now on bandcamp. Mostly because you asked for it. You can have a listen. The crows are pleased.

So for all of you who wanted to get this album online, you can find it there. It might be a sweet last minute gift for your friends and family who are crow lovers, or just poetry lovers who prefer to listen to poetry.

The crows shift-shape and shape-shift through memory, and language and life. They are the ever present and changing tricksters. There is also lots of snow so perfect for this time of the year. Soressa‘s voice and soundscapes weave through the landscapes and add to the mystery.

For those of you who have purchased the CD and would like the re-mix, I will send you a code for a free download. (Just let me know). Thank you for supporting this project.

I also have the final batch (from the first print run) of milk tooth bane bone books. The poems in this CD come form it.

If you would like the book and CD pair, let me know. The book with more information can also be found on the Leaf Press website.

Wishing you happy end of the year celebrations and best wishes for a year ahead that allows us all to breathe easier in all sorts of ways.

One Response to “*crow morphologies* re-mix”

  1. simon fellows Says:

    Daniela Hi There,

    I sent you a note on FB maybe a month ago but take myself off FB with alarming regularity.

    My email is above.May i have yours please ?
    Doug told me the day before we were all supposed to meet
    that you’d parted.
    Hope that Christmas wasn’t too painful and some levity abounded,

    HNY to you and CLan,

    Simon F.