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Posted by Daniela Elza on May 13 2020

Never ask a poet to sum up their book in one sentence. The whole reason to write a book is that it cannot be summed up. If you can sum it up, then why write a book on it. Also poetry is not summable. It is the sum but does not lends itself to summaries. So I have fun when I am asked to do that.

Today a little interview, and I read you a poem.
Autobiography of Grief is the first poem in book. Hope you enjoy it.

Y2K bug spotted reading my book (Courtesy of Doug Peterson)

Also, today my interview on Coop Radio with Wax Poetic. Kevin and RC talk to the me and the broken boat is airing today on Co Op Radio from 2-2:30 pm. 100.5 FM is the frequency.

Y2K bug says it could predict the broken boat and the pandemic.
(courtesy of Doug Peterson)

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