essays, essays

Posted by Daniela Elza on Sep 17 2020

People ask me what I have been writing lately. For the last few years I’ve mostly been working on essays. And some poetry. But my focus has mostly been captured by essays.

Getting them out there was a little slow going and sometimes I wondered if it is worth the trouble. I’ve had a few published, one shortlisted, and one nominated for the Pushcart prize. But still, it seems like a long winding intro into non-fiction.

In the last month I have had two accepted. The kind of sign that helps me push forward.

  • The Queen’s Quarterly will publish my essay But where are you really from?
  • Riddle Fence will publish Poetry is Bread, It’s Also a Carrot, and a Leaf Falling in their upcoming issue.

How do you keep yourself going on the projects you have to sustain long-term?

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