how to neighbour?

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 18 2022

The latest subTerrain issue has a piece I worked on last year as we had two big fights and wins on co-op lease renewal across Vancouver & fought back the irresponsible redevelopment plan of False Creek South that was hatched behind closed doors by the Un-Real Estate Department presented to council without any financial statements, or social and environmental assessments.

This piece speaks of the summer community push back on the conditions for renewing our 60 year lease. I was writing it in the middle of the fight. The saga is continuing now as each co-op gets to negotiate with the city staff. Hopefully they will stop with the bafflegab and negotiate in good faith.

The piece is long, to mimic the fight that is going to be much longer. :-)

Thank you Jessica Kay for including it in the timely Neighbour Issue # 89

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