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Posted by Daniela Elza on Jun 10 2022

In March I read for the Belfast International Page and Stage series.  They just published an interview with me in four parts. Here is the link to the first part and at the bottom of each part there is a click to go to the next part. Here are the links to each of the four parts in case that is more useful.

Part 1 – An Eclectic Childhood 

Part 2 – The Background to the Collections 

Part 3 – Inhabiting the Poem

Part 4 – Writing New Collections


If you are on FB you can listen to the March reading  here. I come on at about 15 min into the reading.
Context: I had just arrived to the place where I teach and was settling into a small room I booked in the library. Coincidentally, some of my students are in the room next to me prepping for the presentation they are about to give that day. They were very intrigued what I was doing and kept peeking in on me through the window. I stand when I perform, so I put a chair on the table where I could put my laptop at the right height for the reading. :-)


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