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Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 01 2009

The New Year rolled in last night quietly, with a sprinkling of snow. There were glasses raised. There was a lot of laughter around candle light and the dinner table, some of it inspired by the cracking of hazlenuts. Nothing like a lot of belly laughs to send the old year on its way. It was fun toasting and talking about the old year, and thinking ahead to what each of us looks forward in the new year. It is a treat to be able to do this with the kids.

I have been quite busy with all sorts of activities, not the least of which was moving the kids to their own rooms. But the highlight is still the couple of collaborative projects that I undertook inspired by a call for submissions from qarrtsiluni (via spread it like a roll of nickles). The call for submissions is for their issue mutating the signature. I am currently working with five people: Harold, Robin, Christina, and Rob (poets) and a my friend Nevena, a visual artist. She and I are trying to do something between image and word. No pressure, really. Not all the projects have to succeed. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. I had one person drop out so far. It is a challenging, inspiring, and a most curious process. I would recommend that you try it, though. Be prepared to not be too attached, check in your ego with your coat at the door, and come open, with enthusiasm, and a spirit of experimentation and playfulness. Oh, yes, we have to keep process notes as well to submit with the poem(s).

Thanks to Rob again, my friend Christina and I managed to whip up a few couplets for the co-operative Monday’s Poem which was an invitation from leaf press.

What I really wanted to say is that this is a great way to begin 2009. There is something powerful in this kind of exchange, and it keeps me awake at night that I cannot put my finger on what it is. For now I will just encourage you to try it.
HAPPY 2009 everyone.

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