of new beginnings

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 07 2010

A good way to begin the year. I heard that my poem Savannah Rain, West Africa on One Ghana One Voice ended up on the Readers’ Pick Favourite Poem of the Year List for 2009. Thank you for your choice and comments. They are as invigorating as that rain.
I also re-read my interview, (out of curiosity) to see if I said something I will disagree with now. So far so good.:-)

Arleigh Wood, who also loves crows, but releases hers on canvas, had a call in December for bird haikus or haikus in response to her paintings. Here are some of her favourite entries up on her blog. Enjoy the selections of haikus. I have three haikus there loosely titled: roosting with crows. The winner has been announced. Congrats to Eden Fineday. There is a new year super sale at the end of the month (perhaps this could be a consolation for those who did not win:-)). I already have my eye on a couple of pieces.

While you are there check out Arleigh’s gallery. Lots there to pick from. I particularly like the raindrops on rooftops series and the migration series for its contrasts.

Finally, today the Academic Pathologies issue of educational insights went live. I have a collaborated piece: Desentence(sizing) the Reference: Lifenotes in Endnotes.
and two poems:

I would like to thank the editors and the technical staff who worked on the presentation of the pieces for the dedication and patience. I am so happy to see these poems look the way I envisioned them. (Especially when it is difficult to do this in print sometimes for one reason or another.) Both these poems had problems the first times they were published. Not to mention the “article” we sent them which is only one sentence long and the actual piece is in the footnotes. So each word of the one sentence takes you to the footnote associated with it.

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