happy solstice and a poem

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jun 21 2010

Andy Warhol (Vancouver Art Gallery, 2004) is up today on the qarrtsiluni website in their New Classics issue.
Hope you enjoy it.
Happy Solstice.

4 Responses to “happy solstice and a poem”

  1. The Storialist Says:

    Hi Daniela! I loved your reading (and the poem) at qarrtsiluni. It was especially fun for me to find your work since I recently moved from Vancouver to L.A. The Vancouver Art Gallery is a beautiful, interesting place, and is extremely inspiring to me as well.

  2. Al Says:

    Congratulations Daniela. I’m wondering if you’re using periods within words as part of your writing practice always now, and if not, why you choose to do so when you do. As for your last post, it seems to me that there is a difference between living in ‘the now’, that is, fully engaged in the moment, and the practice of creating — of dipping into the subconscious as you say — which takes on a trance-like quality (what psychologists call the flow), and seems to obscure ‘the now-ness’ around one’s self in favour of the art, the medium, the ideas, and what’s going on inside the head. I enjoy both. It is late and the northern sky is still lit up with the lingering sunlight, but the southern horizon is dark.

  3. Heidi Says:

    Oh, Daniela — I love the fact that you not only write about risk in your postings, but that you take risks in your own art. The Jesus lines with that thought-provoking j.u.s.t. might be my favourite part of the poem.

  4. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thank you Hannah (The Storialist),

    Yes, I have always come away with something written when I visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. I wish I did it more often.
    For this poem I had to heavily rely on my notes from that visit.
    I also think I vividly remember the art referred to in the poem, but I guess I can only confirm that when I see it again.
    Who knows what I could have imagined in-between.

    Hope your move went well, and you are finding further inspirations.

    Thanks Al,
    To answer your question: No, I do not always use this technique. In fact it is only a few months old. But since it is a new one I do get tempted and, of course, to the point where I have to push the limits.

    No, it is not an obsession (honestly:-)), but quite exciting, since it allows me to layer meanings perhaps the way a painter will layer hues, and colours.

    And regarding the previous post. Yes. Big topic. And I agree. These are different states. Not sure if I can bring any lucidity to the topic. Every time I catch myself talking about it I find it inadequate and lacking. Because it is too big to speak, and language is too linear to capture something so big.

    The moment of truly being in the Now is really difficult for out busy brains. They do not shut down easily. They send expectations out ahead of time to meet us in the moment of experience. And perhaps ruin it.:-)

    And then there is the moment of recalling the experience. Which could include the present moment, be brought to life by it, or totally exclude it.

    Then again how you would recall the moment will be coloured and pixilated according to the individual’s make up. So the variables are many. Thank goodness. And it is all good and we should make time for all of it. Because somewhere in there, there is transformation of being.

    But do not take my word for it. Since these are only words. And they are slippery. We cannot speak wholeness. But we might be able to point, somewhat.

    And Heidi,
    So good to see you here. And I thank you kindly for your words. We have to walk the talk… Otherwise, it is only words, empty vessels rattling.