great time trying

Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 04 2010

I do not know if we figured out what is this thing called love, but we sure had a great time trying.
Thank you to my co-performers poet Trevor Carolan, and Andrew Collins (on guitar).

I guess, love is too big to be captured in one poem. Or one song. Each time we might (if we are lucky) capture a fragment. Or hint at one. Over time the fragments, like fractals, start to resonate, and, there, together we have more of a chance.

Thank you to all who came. To all (more than 60) of you who gathered at the ArtsSpeak tent at the Harmony Arts Festival on Monday from 1 to 2pm. and accompanied us on the 50 (or so) minute journey through music and poetry. The ocean, literary a few feet away, accompanied us, and added its music to our performance. Also for your energy, your thoughts and words after the show. Thank you. Feel free to leave a note here, if you wanted to say something and you did not get a chance.

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