of poetic justice (and a happy birthday)

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 23 2011

July 24, 2011
3pm -5pm
Features: Diane Tucker, Bonnie Nish and Daniela Elza.
@ the Heritage Grill, New Westminster.
Free Event.

Tomorrow for the first time I will read at the Poetic Justice Reading Series. There has been a lot of activity in New Westminster around poetry, and finally will get to meet the folk who are behind it.

So if you can, and are so inclined (especially if the angle of inclination is within the vicinity) come over and bring something to share at the Open Mic portion of the afternoon.

I will be dedicating this reading to my mom. It is her birthday tomorrow (or today, already) depending on your angle of daylight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom. I have a feeling this is a round decade one.

Remember how I would find the tiniest, minutest flowers to make you a bouquet?

Can you find the four leaf clovers, I found for you, here? There are two, if not more. I found them at the source where the Harrison Hot Springs come out of the ground. I do not pick them anymore. Too many to store in my books. So decided to leave them there for others to find.

Wishing you lots of health and many moments of beauty and laughter in the coming year.

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