crows crows, rows and rows

Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 04 2011

Went to visit the crow roost with some friends yesterday. I have been meaning to go for two years now. We drove there before dusk and waited to see them come in. On the way we could see them rise up from time to time, swarm the sky, fly ahead of us.

The controversial Costco site and this warehouse-y area invaded their roost. Broke it up. We were looking for the precise location. But it was not precise.

They were lining the flat flat (painfully flat) tops of buildings, the intersections, traffic lights, street lamps, strung on power lines like christmas lights. (Though, that would be the opposite of light.) OK, they were lining the city telephone and power lines like Christmas darks.

This photo is by Robin Susanto. You can see more of his work here.

And the chorus of clicks, caws, rattles, coos, and the preening and the beak to beak communication and the sound of their collective wings as they flew low above our heads as they headed to the next perch.

I find all this hard to describe without feeling the hair on my skin rise again.
Here is a few seconds sound track (courtesy of Soressa Gardner).
listen to crows on their way to the roost

I was so excited, forgot my camera. So, no photos from me, sorry. You just have to tap into your imagination and be there through these words.
Or just go see them, if my word is not good enough. In fact, go see them anyway. Words really cannot quite do it.

All this amazing wild energy I picked up yesterday I am sending today to my crow manuscript (for now titled: Milk Tooth Bane Bone) in the hope it will find its publisher, and its home.

PS To my Milk Tooth Bane Bone manuscript: I want you to know no matter where you go, you will always have a home right here with me. Of course you will. (But please, please, please, be quiet now.)

2 Responses to “crows crows, rows and rows”

  1. Soressa Says:

    Thanks for describing our most excellent adventure!

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks, Soressa.
    We should do it again. I am hooked. :-)