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Posted by Daniela Elza on Aug 12 2011

Here is a little video of the Summer Dream: A Child’s Vision which took place last Sunday (August 7) at Cafe Deux Soleils. It is under 3 minutes and gives a nice taste of the event. Thank you to Craig Spence, President of the Federation of BC Writers for being there and putting it together.
(Aside: If you follow that link you will also see the 5min. video Craig took of us (well me, he was hiding behind the camera) chatting about… well things… PS. note to self… remember never to apply for political office)

Tonight (August 12) is the Gala Night (aka Awards Night, A Night of Honour) at CBC studios. Doors open at 7pm. Come and raise a glass. I will be there in known and unknown capacities, in precise and imprecise ways.
Our Host: Dennis E. Bolen
Music: Amanda Hartley will fill the evening with her enchanting harp.
There will be a Silent Auction.
Location: CBC Studio 700, 700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC

And tomorrow (August 13) I will be at the Summer Dream Literary Arts Festival at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park. Three stages include a children’s stage. All three stages are in the same place, regardless of one being called Main Stage and the other Granville Stage.
Will host. Will lead a panel discussion on collaborations. Will read as part of Mother Tongue Publishing.

(Congratulations to Mother Tongue Publishing for receiving the Pandora’s Collective Publishers Award this year. I will be honoured to accept it on their behalf tonight. I am also proud to be a Mother Tongue Publishing author. It has been great to work with Mona, and I am looking forward to my poetry book The Weight of Dew coming out with them in April, 2012).

Oh, and the book of It will be there on Saturday, as well. It follows me around like a kid, and like a kid reminds me to play more often.

This is a free and family event.

For details visit the Summer Dream Literary Arts website.
Here is the line up for Saturday in the park. Check it out. Come along. Make a day of it.

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