happy thanksgiving and thanks receiving

Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 08 2011

If I do not think of the origin of Thanksgiving I can relax into this holiday and focus on giving thanks. (Alright, even if I think of it, but that takes more work). Giving thanks is worthwhile to do on any day of the year.Once a year it is great to see the flash light pointed directly at it.

It has been a very busy year and I have raced through quite a bit of it. Ok, that is a lot of its, but, hey, I have a special relationship with it now. It means a lot more than a little pronoun.

With my graduation this year, I want to thank all the people who accompanied me. It is not a journey without its challenges, obstacles and deep inner searching, questioning. Which, of course, gives me a headache on some days. That is what I do now, by default.

I would like to thank Mother Tongue Publishing for being in care of the weight of dew, my debut full length collection of poetry coming out in the Spring next year. They make such beautiful books and I trust my baby is in good hands there. (You can tell It is not going to get less busy anytime soon.)
Here is the cover of the book so far. Thank to Robin Susanto for taking that shot.

I want to thank all those journals out there who tirelessly put out new voices. One of which was and is mine. (This will be a long post. Can you feel it. Looking for short cuts now.)

Still every day the challenge remains: to carve spaces and places, and times to be quiet, to be thankful, to “sing along ourselves.” (This idea came from an email exchange with a friend who, when I asked who was singing alongside him in his video, said I am singing in the background with me).

Today I wish that to you (and me) both literally and metaphorically, and, ok, lets add philosophically, why not?
I thank my friends and family for allowing these spaces to exist and for time to be stolen out of busy days.

And remember to receive thanks as well. Thanks giving is even more complete when there is someone to receive the thanks…no matter how far or immaterial the recipient. (Don’t you love that word immaterial. So tricky.)

Remember to share and… do not overeat. (Oh, well, if you have to.)
I keep forgetting to bring my Thanksgiving poem to readings. Should, one of these days.

2 Responses to “happy thanksgiving and thanks receiving”

  1. Ariana Says:

    I am receiving your thanks on this day, and sending my own thanks back to you — for your beautiful voice, whether it is expressed in poetry or story or any other way you choose to release it into the world; for your positive creative energy; and for your friendship. I look forward to sharing some creative space — both silently as we create in our own spaces, and (I hope some day) collaboratively out loud!

  2. Bonnie Nish Says:

    We are thankful for the spaces you create and which allow you to send your work out into the world with so much love. It shows.