WOTS? What’s WOTS?

Posted by Daniela Elza on Sep 14 2012

The main day of Vancouver Word on the Street (WOTS) will be on the 30th of September this year. There are two more days with events.
I will be featuring on the 30th at the Poetry Tent from 12:30 to 12:45pm. I am sandwiched between “The Titanic Poems” by Billeh Nickerson and “Assiniboia” by Tim Lilburn. That morning section is hosted by Christine Leclerc. Check out the detailed schedule here.

Last year the Poetry Tent blew down (was the poetry that intense?) and poets had to get on the Poetry in Transit bus, which that year was parked next to the Main Stage and had the Taiko drums going. (The year before it was on a quiet corner on Georgia.)
I felt sorry for the poor souls who not only has to read poetry, but read it loud enough to be heard over the accompaniment of taiko drums. (See the bus could not be moved, and the poets were not strong enough to take is somewhere else.)

Hope the wind and the poetry co-operate this year.

I will also be hosting a 45 min. spot on the Main Stage from 11:00am to 11:45am and introducing the winners of the Federation of BC Writers Literary Writes. We have a fiction, non-fiction and poetry winner and three runners up respectively. I am so looking forward to that.

I am also coordinating the volunteers for the Federation of BC Writers table at WOTS so if you do not run into me somewhere else I might be there. (I know, I know. It is too much. It has been too much for too long. I am working on cutting back, honest. I need time to work on my upcoming book. So something will have to give.)

Check out the schedule and see what you want to see and make a full day of it at Word on the Street. So you will never have to ask what WOTS is again.

And yes, I am having a nice out of country get away right now. But do not want to fidget with photos and descriptions. You will just have to wait a bit longer. And sorry to those whom I promised postcards from the Isle of Lesbos. I did not realize the shops close at 2 pm and did not reopen till after 5:30 and we had to be crossing the Greek border before 6pm to get on the ferry back to cross the Turkish border. So, yeah, I might just have to make my own cards.
Soon I might do a report of my doings, not-doings, undoings, about wheres and whereabouts. This is the first day since Aug. 26th that we have rain. So we have been super lucky with the weather. Keep up the good thoughts. They are working.

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