AIR series salon 78

Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 19 2014

Last night I had the honour to perform at the Art in Residence Salon hosted by Keiko Honda in her home. I was nervous somewhat since I have never really done a performance this long (ended up going over an hour with conversation) and also where it was by invitation only. The moment I walked in the kitchen where everyone was busy with food and serving and talking I knew it was a good place to be in. The food was delicious, the care and attention people showed for each other was inspiring. After dinner the living room got transformed into a stage with an audience around it. And we were off.

photo 4

The audience was wonderfully attentive and engaged.
photo 2-2

The gestures were wide and far reaching.
photo 3-2

I delighted in the questions and the discussion.
photo 2-3
There was deep conversation. There was love.

Thank you Keiko Honda for the invitation and for running this wonderful art series. This morning, the sweet memory lingers.

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