the inflectionist review

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 06 2015

The Inflectinist Review is a journal that is curated by Portland poets/editors John Sibley Williams and Anatoly Molotkov. I have appeared twice in it, one of those times as a distinguished poet which included an interview as well. The journal is available on line. You can click on the different issues.

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The editors just put out The Inflectionist Review Anthology. I have quite a few poems in it alongside other fellow inflectionist poets from both sides of the Canadian-US border. There are 81 poets altogether within the 202 pages.

Thank you to the editors John Sibley Williams and Anatoly Molotkov for their work on the journal and the anthology.
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I love the cover and cannot wait to hold a copy and read it.

In the mean time the rain keeps coming down.
All night,
all morning,
it keeps coming down.
It kept me in bed this morning
and I listened
and listened
till I was full.

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