tree morphologies

Posted by Daniela Elza on Nov 28 2016

The BC Book Prizes had an online auction this year and one of the items on it was coffee donated by Echo Cafe. There is more. Along with each coffee you get a poem for each week of the year. The poems are by local authors. Yes, that is 52 poems for each week of the year. I had a poem (or few) in there as well.

Grant Smith won the poem-a-week item on the auction list. He writes about it in the Clearline newsletter he sends out to his clients.
It was delightful to see that out of the 52 poems he chose tree morphologies to include along with the description in his newsletter.
I also love the idea that he encouraged poems to be circulated around the office for his associates to read. Thank you Grant for supporting the fundraiser and for putting the poems to work. We cannot have too much poetry in out day. Or, at least, we surely can use more.


For the last two months we have been under cloud cover with the occasional moment of the sun coming out or a piece of blue showing. It has rained nearly every single day for the past two months, except for five. The poem always reminds me of that time of the year. Though this year it seems a bit extreme, even for Vancouver.

tree morphologies was initially published in The Pinnacle Literary Journal, Spring 2013. Its permanent home is in milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press, 2013).

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