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Posted by Daniela Elza on Sep 06 2020

Next thing coming up is the annual Word, Vancouver festival. Everything is free to the public and this year it’s online. You do not even have to be in Vancouver to join. Go to the website and make your picks from the many panels, workshops, readings, etc. They also have Adopt an Author page if you would like to support the festival. And festivals do need a lot of support, especially now when they do not have the funding that comes from the vendors they would have had if the festival happened in the physical world. I’ll be involved in three of the events.

Thursday, September 24, 2020
11:00 AM  12:00 PM

Featured Authors:

  • Evelyn Lau, Pineapple Express (Anvil Press)  
  • Daniela Elza, The Broken Boat: New Poems (Mother Tongue Publishing) 
  • Patrick Friesen, Outlasting the Weather Selected & New Poems 1994-2020 (Anvil Press)
    Relationships can be complex and messy, fulfilling and lovely as can life itself. These three poets examine the various sides of life and how we cope at the best and worst of times through depression, loss, and love and all of life’s questions.
    Hosted by: Fiona Tinwei Lam

Facilitator: Daniela Elza
Like painters, we will write into a world refracted through our senses, our memories, and delve deeper into the subtler and softer insights of the body’s wisdom. What narratives hibernate there? What obsessions haunt us? We will generate new writing inspired by prompts. There will be opportunities to share and interact, to listen and respond. Come with questions, come with curiosity. Bring a pen and paper. 

This workshop is inspired by the idea of self-portraits I used in my latest book the broken boat (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2020).
I see the workshop is already at capacity.


Hosting a reading from the Sweet Water: Poems for the Watershed anthology reading which was planned for Twisted Poets in September and that event usually is done in collaboration with Word. Click on the link for details and who is reading. This would have been our September Twisted Poets Reading Series event, which we usually run in conjuction with Word, and as part of Word.

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