the light, the green light

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 27 2015

The Solstice has come and gone. I meant to write on that day, but the day was busy. So, it had to wait. So much has to wait because of the busy lives we live. I have been practicing splitting the second this past year. Pushing the time boundaries that define out lives. Stealing snippets of time where and whenever I can.  I think I am getting good at it.

These days between Christmas and New Year’s day are my favourite. The presents mania has subsided, somehow it is quieter, people are mellower, and the streets are emptier. I love this peaceful time. Unburdened with expectations running away with themselves. Just being with people I care about, drinking wine, and talking in the glow of candlelight, has been a treat.

Incidentally, the third issue of the Absinthe Poetry Review came out on the day of the Solstice. I am the Green Hour feature in that issue. I have had pieces published in each of the first three issues.

I like their description:
Absinthe Poetry Review exists to present poems made of green fire –
poems that dialogue (metaphorically or literally) with the proverbial green fairy professed to appear with absinthe; poems that are introspective, imagistic, lyrical, maverick and/or esoteric.

I was pleased to find out that The Absinthe Poetry Review has also nominated me for The Pushcart Prize for 2015. Much gratitude to the editor Pan Ska for his attention to my work. You can check out all three issues here (just scroll down).

I have been working on getting some submissions out before the end of the year. Quite pleased with that. Also I am happy with the reworking on my latest manuscript. I like the way it is coming along and shaping up.

In the days of so little light, and such thin light (yes, it is raining again here today)  I am enjoying the quiet and the peacefulness and making the best of it. I hope you are taking this time too for much needed and important work. Even if that means doing nothing. Just sitting and listening to the rain. Just writing down some words that line up in surprising ways.

By now, I would hope, you already know it is not nothing we are doing, but perhaps the most important thing we might do in our lives.

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