of hair and metaphor

Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 15 2009

Well, Valentine’s is over, and Dethe is bald. After a hearty waffle breakfast with our friends Frank and Berenice we were hard at work on Dethe’s new hairdo. Thanks Berenice for your help with hair removal: you were so dexterous with the hair clippers. And thank you Frank for the photo documentation and for the movie you put together. So far Dethe has raised $717.37. Thanks for all your support. Hope we still make it to a $1000. Tomorrow the new photo will be going up and I will link to them then.

And now for the quote of the day:
My friend Rob sent me this quote a while back. And I have not been able to get it out of my head. So I thought I would post it here.

“Metaphor is the mind’s opposable thumb” —Cynthia Ozick

I also had this urge for a few minutes to launch into a meditation on hair as metaphor, a perfect moment for this post, but but … my head has been wrapped around submissions, submissions, submissions. A good substitute for Spring cleaning. So that may have to wait.

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