play and the absurd

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 17 2009

It looks like the Play and the Absurd issue of Vallum is out. I have two poems in it as well as a poem by Mina who won second place in their junoir contest. She wrote Flying Shoe a few years ago so she thinks of it as: being little when she wrote it. It does feel that between 8 and 12 there is a significant difference. And the process from submission to acceptance and publication has taken a year.

Still busy with comprehensive exams, quite exhausted. My mind wants a break. It wants to play. It wants to break out into a poem. So I am stuck between play and the absurd. But the paper is due on the 27th and that is that. One more week. After two months of this, I think my body too is telling me it is time for a break, or at least a nap. Like, right now.

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