holding the book

Posted by Daniela Elza on Jul 31 2009

A few days ago I got in the mail the book 4 Poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, Onjana Yawnghwe (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2009). I am sitting in the echo and afterglow of all the work and effort that went into the book. Now holding this book. Sometimes a lot of the excitement has been had prior to actually getting the final published product in your hand. You have gone through the different stages, and the excitements at each phase are different. Submitting, hearing back that you are accepted, and then all the many hours of work editing, back and forth, getting the manuscript in order, combing through. Realizing how many things you had not seen or paid attention to before.

And on Wednesday, the book (beautiful and real) finally arrived. In the stillness of August, the afterglow, the echo of all that went before. A bit like when we lie in shavasana pose (restingpose) in yoga. You lie there at the end of class, with the practice that just happened. Embracing it even closer. Listening. Relaxing. Yet, fully present in it.

2 Responses to “holding the book”

  1. RobTaylor Says:

    Very exciting! Can’t wait to see a copy. Congrats!

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks, Rob. Looking forward to yours:-)