say no to cuts to BC arts funding

Posted by Daniela Elza on Sep 27 2009

It is a pity that, yet again, we have to speak out for the arts. That, yet again, we have to convince our government, who has not proven to be able to govern much, but instead have been padding their mismanagement with selling off our province’s resources (did we have a referendum on that? did we agree to not own what we own?). There is a lot already written on the topic so I will not go on and on about it. Proposed cuts by the government do not even seem to make economic sense. Speaking up and out works, because now they have removed a report on Socio – Economic Impacts of Arts and Cultural Organizations in BC from their website. So they are listening. Yet, their action still begs more WHY?
I keep waiting for this government to make some sense, any sense. Have been waiting a long time…

Here join the movement and tell the government what you think.

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