the sun came out

Posted by Daniela Elza on Dec 01 2009

The sun finally broke through the cloud cover after a few weeks of rain. It broke through and stayed. It is the first day of the last month of the year. No panic. What will get done, will get done. And what doesn’t, well it doesn’t, and will have to wait till it does. I have been doing the manuscript rollercoaster: going from Yes I got it, to No I do not have it. Perhaps I can blame this impermanence on the weather. This swimming between a sense of coherence of things coming together and the sun shining through to those moments when the whole falls apart and the sense of coherence is replaced with uncountable rain drops. And you love it, this rain, but after two weeks you are ready for a change. And here it is, the sun. And the crows have been coming closer, braving my windows to check on me. Like they want to know how their book is coming along. But they have been awfully quiet. Like I am holding their breath. And now is when I need them most.

Happy December. 20 days to the Solstice. To the first day of winter. To the growing light.

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