Posted by Daniela Elza on Jan 10 2010

The first Monday’s Poem is up at Leaf Press.

45 poets contributed. It was great to see Al Rempel there who keeps me good company in the 4poets book. It was great to see Dorothee Lang there, who edits the blueprintreview and with whom I correspond through email, (so it feels like we have virtually met). Also my friend and poet Christina Shah. Others I have met or know in this poem are poets Heidi Greco and Kim Goldberg, and Marry Duffy and Franci Louann who are much closer here and part of the Vancouver poetry community.

What a beautiful way to virtually bring 45 poets together with the same theme in the same poem.
ok, here is my couplet:

 the cold came in couplets 		unrhymed
every step 		a slip 		a slide 	an aside

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