micro cosmos

Posted by Daniela Elza on Feb 19 2010

Dorothee Lang, the editor of the BluePrintReview, has another great theme for the upcoming issue Micro Cosmos, the small and the large aspects of life, and the way they connect:

– personal life and the global world
– atoms and evolution
– the butterfly and the tropical storm
– subcultures and society
– and if someone wants to give metafiction a try:
– words / stories and reality
– also: a moment and the future
– etc.

The call for submissions is up. The issue is dedicated to flash fiction: short stories, micro stories, flash stories.
I braved myself and submitted three micro stories. And am happy to say one of them will appear in this issue. So I guess this will be a first. Which makes me remember beginnings. A place where I would like to find myself as often as possible. Nothing like feeling at the beginning of an adventure. I do not include in this any amount of time spent in anticipation. I mean, the first step and on.

Hope you too will consider submitting something. If you have nothing. Go write something in a flash. Like today. I am not joking. You still have time. Submissions are accepted till March 10th, and you can email them, you do not have to leave time for it to get all the way to Germany. The journal also has a blog and contributors notes, books, activities. No page is a dead end. There is always somewhere else to go. I like to think of the BluePrintReview as the journal with many doors.

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