in praise of collaborations

Posted by Daniela Elza on Mar 19 2010

Collaboration. Yes, writing together. It is real. Last year I had four poems published in a special issue at qarrtsiluni called Mutating the Signature. Recently I saw they have put out a print version of this issue. If you are interested have a browse here.

I am happy to say that Poemeleon got back to me with the acceptance of two more collaborated poems which will be coming out in the April issue. The whole issue is dedicated to collaborative work. One of the poems accepted is called Spiritual Photography written in collaboration with Harold Rhenisch and the other, what fills our footsteps, I had the pleasure of writing with Arlene Ang.

People often think it is hard to collaborate. Well, yes, it is hard just like it is hard to write alone. I think, though, to collaborate is to be open even more to the experience of writing, play and experimenting. A great exercise in letting go and flowing with the moment. I would recommend it. You do not have to be attached to it succeeding. The exercise is already its own reward. And hey, you might even get a good poem out of it. Not to mention other benefits.

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