Posted by Daniela Elza on Oct 11 2010

2010 Random Acts of Poetry came and went. 50 more 4 poets are out there into the world in the hands of youth.

Here I am at Twisted Poets on the lookout to poem some unsuspecting young person. I tell you, this enthusiasm is going to kill me. (Thanks Heidi for the photo. I really enjoyed your reading and your playful poems).

I will let the pictures speak.

That I could partake of your lives even for a moment,
that I had your ears even briefly,
that we parted with enthusiasm,
that we shared some small part of ourselves
in expressing
a fear or a hope or a joke.
That was rewarding and amazing.

For which I am grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thank you to the teachers Jennifer, and Jane for your welcome and your spirit.
For pictures from other Random Acts of Poetry poets go to the Random Acts of Poetry blog.
Thanks again to Wendy Morton, and the Victoria Read Society, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts and the other sponsors of Random Acts of Poetry.

2 Responses to “thanksgiving”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Oh, Daniela, it looks as though you’ve made lots of new converts to poetry. And I think that’s just exactly what ‘Random Acts’ is all about.

  2. Daniela Elza Says:

    Thanks Heidi,

    I hope you consider doing it as well. Maybe with “Rattlesnake Plantain” which I am reading right now.